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Our campaigns for clean sport

Together with the clean athletes, in various campaigns we set a sign for clean performance, fairness, equal opportunities, transparent success and honest results. They show why clean sport is so important. Not only for them, but also for their environment, for parents, coaches, support personnel and fans. This gives athletes a platform to emphasize the importance of anti-doping work. Together we contribute to the preservation of values in sport. Find out more about the various campaigns and their elements on the following pages.


Let's talk. About the values of sport. About chances, trust and respect. About the values that need to be upheld in order to protect the integrity of sport. In 2022, NADA Germany will be 20 years old. In our anniversary year, we want to enter into a dialogue with you on clean sport and celebrate the values of clean sport with various activities and campaigns. Find out more on this page.

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"#weilichsportliebe ['cause I love sport], I torture myself every day and give everything to get to the top," tells us judoka Anna-Maria Wagner in her personal story. Why did you start doing sports? And why did you stick with it? Everyone has their own personal story. But we are all united by our love for sport, whether professional or amateur. Over the next few weeks, you can read more about the personal stories of our campaign athletes here. We will also show you how you can become part of the campaign.

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Set a sign

"For the future of my sport" - this is what fencer Alexandra Ndolo advocates for. Beach volleyball player Clemens Wickler gives everything, fair and honest: "Out of passion for my sport".

In our new photo campaign, the athletes set a sign #forcleanperformance and share with us why clean sport is so important and that's why #GIVEEVERYTHINGTAKENOTHING! All pictures of the campaign will soon be available here. Gymnast Lukas Dauser will also be part of the campaign.

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What are you fighting for?

Everybody has his own goals. And for them you give everything. But behind every goal there is also a way of preparation. This way is not always easy and maybe it is not always fun, but you know what you are doing it for. The daily efforts unite with your unbending will. Your hard training lets you grow. You give everything, fair and honest. What are you fighting for?

Lisa and Felix give us an insight into their unbending will to give everything. They fight: for their passion, for their sport, for their goals, #forcleanperformance. Together with us and the National Paralympic Committee (NPC), the two of them stand up #forcleansport in the context of the Wheelchair Basketball World Championships and the World Para Athletics European Championships 2018.

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MY BEADS ARE CLEAN! #icompeteclean

With hard work under sweat and tears they fight for their honest sporting success. Mareike and Denise give everything to achieve their goals. "My beads are clean - because #icompeteclean". Each bead of sweat that runs from their forehead is a sign of their strong will and full concentration - not only during the competition, but already in preparation. Their next goal is already on the horizon: the European Champion title at the home event of the European Championships in Berlin. We will give you a look behind the scenes and show you way to their success. Learn more about the multiple medium distance champion, Denise Krebs, and the reigning German combined athletics champion, Mareike Arndt, in the following blog.

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#ICOMPETECLEAN - German fencing sport stands up for pure performance

"For me, fencing is one of the most important things, because that's where I get my motivation from." (Alexander Kahl)

At the 2017 World Fencing Championships, which takes place in Leipzig from July 19 to 26, 2017, German fencing shows its support for pure performance. In the campaign film we accompany foil fencer and World Championship debutant Alexander Kahl.

In statement videos, sports director Sven Ressel gives us an insight into the commitment to clean sport of the German Fencing Federation and Alexander Kahl espouses honest success.

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Max Lang #forcleanpersormance

With dumbbell, charm and chalk, weightlifter Max stands up for a clean sport without doping. In our joint video mini-series, the 24-year-old soldier of the sports promotion group shows you his everyday training as an athlete in our control system and gives you insights into his life as a competitive athlete. How does he motivate himself for competitions, how does he feel about the control system and what does his circle of friends actually say about his sport? All this and much more you will learn in the various episodes.

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With Aline Focken #forpureperformance

For the right decision. For clean sport without doping. #Forpureperformance - that's what Aline Focken is committed to jointly with NADA Germany. The 2014 world champion in wrestling and participant at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro tells you in three videos about her everyday life as an athlete, how she deals with doping and the importance of a dual career. Find out more and click below.

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For futures heroes

For future heroes. For lasting role models. For clean sport without doping. GIVE EVERYTHING, TAKE NOTHING. Former footballer Hans Sarpei joins the movement for clean performance in sport.

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NADA and Baskets for pure performance

Telekom Baskets Bonn are starting the new season and are committed to pure performance. See in the video their reasons why: for the team, for the fans, for the success, for clean sport without doping: GIVE EVERYTHING, TAKE NOTHING. They will also carry this commitment into the hall by organizing a day for clean sports together with us on November 9, 2014 at the game of Telekom Baskets Bonn against Brose Baskets from Bamberg. The main sponsor, Deutsche Telekom AG, is also supporting the event. Find out more about our common commitment to clean performance.

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For the start of our new initiative "GIVE EVERYTHING, TAKE NOTHING" the posters of the initiative ambassadors of the first hour can be found in different German cities. Find out more about the campaign here.

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