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Our initiative GIVE EVERYTHING, TAKE NOTHING invites you to stand up for clean sport together with us. It offers you a platform to set a sign. Pure performance - that is NADA's vision. For the future of sport. For Germany as a sports location. For the pure performance.

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Honesty and fairness are important to you? Are you for clean sport? Then join our initiative for pure performance! GIVE EVERYTHING, TAKE NOTHING is a platform for you and everyone who wants to show that they are clean or are committed to clean sports. Anyone can join!

Your possibilities: Take a photo or video of your commitment to clean sports. Get the initiative slogan with a license now on your jersey! Donate and make an important contribution to clean sports in Germany. Or browse our merchandising and join the movement.


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On social media we report on current activities of our initiative and share your commitment for clean sport. Subscribe to our networks and use our hashtag for your posts on clean sport: #GIVEEVERYTHINGTAKENOTHING


Sport conveys basic values that are of fundamental importance in society. In hardly any other area of society are values such as tolerance, equal opportunities, the achievement principle and the tenet of fairness so consistently exemplified, practiced and rehearsed as in sport. Doping endangers these positive basic values. Doping endangers sport as a whole, sport loses its meaning and appeal.

NADA Germany is the key body that stands up for clean sport in Germany. Since 2002, we have been using all available means to stand up for clean athletes, for transparent success and for honest results. Especially for next generation, the commitment for pure performance is tremendously necessary.

You can find out more about NADA and its work at