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Become a partner for clean sport

In the field of anti-doping, NADA needs the support of its partners. Partners of NADA's initiative include the federal government, sport with the DOSB, member associations and the Deutsche Sporthilfe Foundation, as well as businesses with adidas and ottobock.

Sport moves and teaches fundamental values

Sport is an important part of our social life. Around 40 million active athletes in Germany and record ratings for TV broadcasting show the importance of sport. A lot of people are oriented on the stars from football, athletics, winter sports or swimming. The sport provides fundamental values that are relevant to the functioning of our entire modern society: tolerance, fairness, performance, team spirit - but only for clean sport. Doping destroys this principle and damages the sport.


Kivanta is partner of clean sport

Together with Kivanta we stand up for clean and fair sport. Kivanta as a distributor for clean food storage and NADA as the key body for clean sport are launching two limited BPA-free stainless steel drinking bottles. By buying a bottle you support clean sport in Germany and help to protect young athletes from the consequences of doping. Part of the proceeds go to our anti-doping work. With Kivanta, we focus on sustainability both at the product level and in our efforts for clean athletes.

Get the bottles now and make your contribution #forcleansport:


to the limited bottles