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28. October 2019

c²-energize is backing "GIVE EVERYTHING, TAKE NOTHING."

We are Christian and Carmen from Constance on Lake Constance and we live our passion as athletes every day. In a joint action with NADA, we are committed to preserving this passion: for clean sport!

"Clean sport is important to us, because... passion, curiosity and fun in movement are the inevitable keys to success and happiness in sport and life!"

Since our childhood, physical activity has offered us a basis to live, celebrate successes and realize ourselves. At first it was the fun of exercise, enjoying the freedom of nature and spending time with our friends. In our youth, sport has helped us to find an identity, to get us on our way, to turn our passion into our profession and to make it possible for us to reach our full potential.

Turning passion into a profession

Today we both are not only a couple in private, but together with our company c²-energize we are feverish day after day with all our athletes, patients or friends, if they give everything to fulfil their sporting dreams. Recently we have founded a perspective team under the name athletenwerkstatt with three talented young athletes from the Lake Constance - Constance region, whom we would like to help to develop holistically

Talent, training and motivation are the key to success

One of our core principles is the naturalness of performance development. This means that athletic performance should be achieved with naturally given possibilities, i.e. talent, disposition, but also training and motivation. Therefore, the use of performance-enhancing substances and methods represents an artificial and therefore intolerable manipulation of one's own abilities. Out of this general attitude an aversion has developed, also against the supplementation of ergogenic substances without medical indication, which is exaggerated in our view. Even if food supplements are not forbidden in principle in the sense of the WADA Code, are led predominantly even on the Cologne list, here, in our opinion, an atmosphere is created, which contradicts the "give everything, take nothing" - philosophy very strongly.

We take a stand

Under the NADA motto "GIVE EVERYTHING, TAKE NOTHING" we like to take a very clear stand and communicate this to the outside in the team, to our students at the university, but of course also in the club. In addition, we are happy to take on the role of a role model as sportsmen, coaches and sports scientists in the relevant institutions (schools, universities, clubs, associations, etc.) and to provide information.

A little bit about us