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The right pictogram for every Olympic and Paralympic sport: download your pictogram now free of charge and use it online or for your print products.

Send questions about the pictograms in general or their terms of use to

Please note our terms of use before using the pictograms.


The NADA pictograms are subject to the copyright of the National Anti Doping Agency of Germany (NADA Germany). NADA Germany makes the pictograms available for free use for non-commercial purposes. The NADA pictograms may only be used in their entirety, i.e. with the NADA Germany logo. It is not permitted to pass off the NADA pictograms as one's own or to distribute them further.

In addition, the following instructions for use must be followed.

Clubs, associations, schools, individuals and media representatives may use the pictograms for non-commercial purposes in online and offline areas without any time or space restrictions.

Please direct any questions regarding the pictograms in general or their terms of use to

The pictograms were created by Daniel Stieglitz.

The terms of use as (in German only) [PDF].

Terms of use

Minimum size: The pictograms are adapted to the respective formats and purposes of use. The smallest size of pictograms in print is 50 mm width/height. Depending on the printing method and screen ruling, the minimum acceptable size may be reached earlier. For screen applications, the size of the logo should not be less than 100 px width/height.

Protective space: The pictograms must be placed with the protective zone (white border) created in the file. No other elements may be placed within this area.

Colours: black (000), white (255/255/255), gold (180/126/0)

The following are not permitted: alterations to the content or further development of the pictograms; alteration of the display by

  1. elements or alteration of components (e.g. graphics, text, etc.);
  2. slanting/distortion;
  3. Change of form

Winter sports/disciplines

Summer sports/disciplines