26. February 2018

Ole sets an example for pure performance

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"Doping was and will never be an option for me, because I do athletics to compete with others and this should be 100% fair."

He is born in 2000, is currently No. 1 of the German Youth U20 and No. 3 of the World Ranking Youth U20 - Ole Grammann, Long Jump Junior of German Athletics. At the weekend the 65th German Indoor Athletics Championships will start in Dortmund, in which Ole will participate. In a joint blog, Ole tells us how he came to sport, what his goals are and how he motivates himself to achieve them cleanly. How Ole celebrates moments of success, how he deals with failures and what he thinks of our campaign?

"I came to sport in the classic way: at a young age (6) my mother probably couldn't bear me at home any more and sent me to athletics, in addition to football, of course.”

Why is it important for you to achieve your goals cleanly?
"It is important for me to achieve my goals cleanly, because there are two sayings for me that I think are 100% correct:
First, "Honour to whom honour is due." - To win a title is for me the greatest honour I can get as an athlete. And this honour should be earned through hard work and 100 percent will and not through unauthorized increase in performance.
Second, "Success is a staircase not a door." - This saying accompanies me now since I have dedicated my life to the sport. Doping turns this saying upside down: success becomes the door and work is dropped, and so is the goal of competition, in that it is a matter of measuring the performance that you work hard to achieve through training."

Was doping ever an option for you?
"Doping was and will never be an option for me, because I do athletics to measure myself against others and this should be 100% fair.”

How do you motivate yourself to achieve your goals cleanly?
"I draw my motivation to admit everything again and again from the feeling that comes over me when I have a jump that makes me feel like I'm flying. At this moment (as silly as it may sound), there is a special kick that is addictive. And if I win, then the incentive for me to fight for a clean sport is all the greater."

Failures are also part of a competitive sports career. How Ole deals with it, tells he in this video:

Describe the feeling of holding a medal in your hand after a victory:
"Holding a medal in one's hand is a feeling of relief that the training has hit hard and that everything went as planned in the competition. However, there are also competitions that you win, but you are not satisfied with your performance. Then I'm happy about the victory and think again about my second saying: "Success is a staircase not a door". - But I always strive for a great performance for myself."

With whom do you celebrate such moments of success?
"Such moments of success are first celebrated with my coach. My coach and I have a very strong, friendly relationship, which relieves me of a lot of pressure in competition. When I'm back from the competition, I celebrate with my training group, with whom I live together, which makes us a family. With my parents and siblings I have to celebrate on the phone. But of course there will be another big party after the season when there are big events."

What does the NADA campaign "GIVE EVERYTHING, TAKE NOTHING" mean to you?
"To me, the NADA campaign "GIVE EVERYTHING, TAKE NOTHING" means helping to keep our sport clean. I have set myself the task for my career goal, to inspire people four our sport, the athletics. And this requires basic modules, such as clean athletes."


More about Ole:

- Birthday on 05 September 2000

- Pupil of the boarding school for sports Knechtsteden

- Long jump best performance: 7.32m (Outdoor 2017), 7.43m (Indoor 2018)

- Club: TSV Bayer Dormagen 1920 e.V. with his trainer Dirk Zorn

- His biggest successes so far: 9th place in long jump at U18 World Championships 2017 in Kenya; 7th place in long jump at U18 DM 2016; 7th place over 110m hurdles at U18 DM 2016

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